Saturday, 26 May 2012

My cover for A LITTLE ALOUD, a collection of pieces selected by Angela Macmillan of The Reader Organisation, a charity which aims to encourage reading aloud to share the experience of literature. The book is published by David Fickling Books, and the designer was Ness Wood


  1. Lovely cover, how did you do it? Did you draw the picture in line, like your usual line drawn illustrations, then put it on the light box and draw it again filling it in to make a silhouette? Or do you just draw it as sillouette I wonder. I love it.

    1. Hi Helen. The image comes from a book I did with Tony Mitton, and was a sillhouette in the first place.It had to be rejigged a bit to conform to an existing book cover for adults which the charity brought out a while ago. Glad you like it. its a nice anthology. Your work goes from strength to strength, by the way!