Friday, 2 October 2009

Some Paintings................


  1. How lovely to see these free and fluid works. Are they painted on scraps of brown packing cardboard, a nice surface to work on, or proper drawing paper tinted? Please post many more.


  2. Thanks Ian

    Yes done on old bits of packing board.
    Wonderful not to be confronted by a glittering white surface to obliterate.

  3. Thanks to an image search on Google I clicked on the girls portrait above and found your site. I'm really pleased to see you are still painting, Peter. You probably don't recall but you taught me illustration at Liverpool back in the early eighties. I was the lad from Middlesbrough whose final show artwork was stolen in transit to the London exhibition. You wrote me a very kind letter encouraging me to continue to paint and 'pack in the t-shirt business', sadly I didn't paint again for many years and turned to scriptwriting to earn a crust. Thankfully I've lived well of it ever since. I have though just recently started to paint and desgin again and I'm really enjoying it; hence my web trawl for inspiration and discovering your work again. I hope this finds you well. Very best wishes, Peter.